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The seeking procedure


Prior to the seeking we harmonize and plan the seeking programme, clarify the requirements with our client. During the seeking procedure development we suggest to our client the applicable method from the followings:


    direct recruitment (concerning higher officials and managers this method is the most suitable, efficient and personal enough)
publicity, advertisement (suitable, inexpensive and effective method)
e-seeking, internet browsing (this method provide fast and up-to-date information)
seeking from database (fast, developable applicants’ database, accurate seek)

We make contact with the applicant from our database or we advertise with agreed content, format and medium.


As a pre-selection we select the suitable applicants from our database. After the first structural interviews we can test the applicants’ abilities using cognitive ability and psychometric tests moreover there are possibilities using graphological tests. Using all the available information and reference letters we can select the most appropriate applicant for the job. Finishing the final analysis and expert opinion – in which we assess the applicant’s suitability and individual features – we hand the attached CV (Curriculum Vitae) to our client.