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About Us


The predecessor of JobaArena Ltd. in title of our Human Resources Consulting was founded by László Pákai in 1994 as a private enterprise.

In the beginning the consulting was effective in seeking of highly qualified, foreign language speaker officials and experts in the area of special executive and sales management. Thanks to our success in the first years we enlarged our manpower seeking to recruit higher officials and senior operative management


We have close contact and fruitful partnership with accredited foreign language schools and other educational institutions that managed according to the latest requirements of the human resources market. As the result of the good co-operation we are not only an acting partner in career planning and job seeking trainings, but we have the possibility to complete and enlarge our database with the actual knowledge of the applicants.

Previously we set our consulting advices to the expanding demand of our clients. Currently we are working on the employee seeking, selection and human resources development of our clients’ organization. Using our wide partnership range nowadays we are trying to adapt to the needs of the organizations in the West Hungarian region.


Rely on our professional skill, dependability and experience we are serving our clients and applicants. Among the successful regional human resources consulting companies our intention is to become the leading one.