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Performance Assessment,
Performance Management


During the current marketing and organizational circumstances the determined developments of the organizational and individual performance become a key-question in the business area. Assessment of the performance in the performance management is mandatory but not enough. It is required not only to feedback the performance of the workers to them but it is also required to do this regularly.


Additionally it is also required to insert the assessment system into the managerial system and culture. All things considered a performance assessment can turn into the performance management applying this technique.


The performance assessment is a standard method.
Using the performance assessment:
- the differences between the colleagues can be isolated easily;
- the individual goals and the direction of the personal development can be determined;
- the competency of the workers can be developed.


The organizations can get a direct feedback about the workers’ performance, execution and thereby the colleagues may know each other better. The feedback itself is also a learning process in which the manager can analyse the successful resolutions.


The performance assessment system includes the strategy, directives and procedures, activity and resources supporting the system.
The timing and frequency of the assessments, choosing the evaluator, the measuring methods, the assessment records and references are all different aspects of the performance assessment system.


Our consulting accepts orders for developing and launching the performance assessment system and implementing the follow-up works. Furthermore we can launch the performance assessment culture inside our client’s business.